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5 Ways to Prep Your Pet for Emergencies

Your pet is family. Their safety and well-being is a priority for you every day, but have you thought about what you would do with your pet in an emergency?

Many people don’t think about being prepared until an emergency is at their doorstep. When disaster strikes, they may choose to ignore evacuation orders because they don’t know what to do with their pets. Try to imagine having to make the decision to leave your pet behind during a flood, fire, or other emergency.

Although you can never completely control what will happen during an emergency, you can take steps to be as prepared as possible in advance. By taking some easy actions now, you can avoid having to make difficult and dangerous decisions during an emergency.

  1. Get you pet micro-chipped.
  2. Prepare a disaster kit for your pet ahead of time.
  3.  Plan where your pet will stay in case you need to evacuate.
  4. Use a buddy system with friends, family, and neighbors in case you’re not home during an emergency.
  5. Practice evacuating or sheltering in place with your pet.

Click on this to link for the Pet Preparedness Page.



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