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Local Emergency Planning Committee


An organized effort to resuscitate the LEPC began in the summer of 2008. A group of committed individuals representing 35 entities assembled and began the process of developing the LEPC into a viable organization, capable of fulfilling its mission.

The LEPC has recently reorganized and joined with the Emergency Management Commission, functioning as the operations arm of the Commission. This was done to overcome some of the obstacles and limitations inherent as stand alone organizations and to eliminate redundant planning.

Emergency Operations Plan

The LEPC has been developing the Jasper County Emergency Operations Plan. This plan provides the foundation for all disaster and emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation operations conducted within the County. The Plan is written in a manner that is intended to be easily read, understood, and exercised by those expected to implement the Plan.

The Basic Plan outlines the concepts, roles, responsibilities, processes, and management of emergency incidents.

The Emergency Support Functions (ESF) describe the 15 most likely activities needed to support an incident.

Jasper County Hazardous Materials Plan

The Jasper County Emergency Operations Plan-Emergency Support Function (ESF) # 10-Hazardous Materials revised annually is available to the public in the Emergency Management Agency Office located at 1030 W 2nd St S, Newton.

LEPC Membership Form

Please e-mail completed form to the Jasper County EMA office at

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